MAGIS is the leader in Applied Resilience for three key reasons –

we provide powerful knowledge with actionable skills and make it stick.

MAGIS’ Optimal Performance under Stress™ Training

Global Reach from Trainers who Understand the Impact of Performance and Recovery.


Individual & Team Assessments in Resilience

How are YOUR teams coping with the stressors they face? What is the resilience level of your team? Interested in just testing yourself?  Our scientifically validate tool provides you useful feedback and knowledge on how to improve markers.  Easy and inexpensive.  Try it out.

Four Reasons to Work with Us

and Why We Make a Difference


MAGIS delivers trainings through a solid understanding of our audience, how they perform, and how they recover. Our trainers have experience in military, law enforcement, sports, health care, and business, and they deliver in a common language, with relevant applications for the end-user.

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The OPS™ training leans forward, deepening your knowledge of self-regulation and how to apply skills to master trying events. It’s one of the reasons MAGIS consistently rates 9+ out of 10 for applicability and likeability of the training with all our audiences.

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MAGIS inspires people to recognize and utilize the inherent and sometimes unrecognized skills that each person possesses and to apply them in various settings. We inspire you to commit to improved choices and outcomes.

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MAGIS knows the value of the OPS training and the results we’ve received from 10 years of service. We appreciate the opportunity to share those results with your decision-makers and ultimately your teams.

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